Ink marking machine

LEIBINGER and EBS systems: precise marking, fast installation, compatible with various industrial production lines.

Product description

The industrial marking systems produced by the German companies LEIBINGER and EBS are equipped with all the necessary accessories for quick installation in any production flow.

The electronic print head can be placed in any position in relation to the product packaging.
Its registration is made according to the speed of the vehicle (synchronised with the optical or capacitive sensor).
Manufacturing data can be grouped in one or more rows with a size ranging from 2 mm to 14 mm. In this way a fast, resistant and perfectly visible marking is obtained on almost any type of surface.

With new embedded technologies, EBS and LEIBINGER systems offer performance and compatibility with any type of :

  • conveyor belts,
  • horizontal or vertical packaging lines,
  • labelling lines,
  • Packaging lines,
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