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Advanced solutions for efficiency

We offer efficiency and precision in a wide range of equipment. Simplify the packaging process and maximize performance with Tehnostar!

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Process transformation with Tehnostar technology

Efficiency redefined in packaging

Discover a new era in packaging with our innovative solutions. Tehnostar brings efficiency and precision to every detail of the packaging process.

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Performance and innovation with Tehnostar

Maximise efficiency with advanced solutions

At Tehnostar, we provide state-of-the-art technologies to optimise packaging processes. We offer advanced solutions that simplify and maximise operational efficiency.

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Tehnostar packaging machines

With more than 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, Tehnostar offers high quality packaging machines and technology. Specialising in packaging granules, powders, liquids and bakery products, we provide customised solutions according to unique customer requirements.

Our MODULAR vertical automatic machines ensure precise packaging of a variety of products, from food to cosmetics. With a global presence, Tehnostar delivers innovative solutions in over 85 countries.
Horizontal filling and sealing machines
Packaging machines for bags
Packaging machines stick
Sealing machines vertical

What type of packaging do you want?

Tehnostar offers specialised solutions for packaging food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage products in single portions or individual doses. Discover innovation and quality in every pack!

Customised packaging on request
Folding bags
Packaging of granular products
Herbal packaging
Our categories

How can we help you?

We offer specialised assistance and tailored solutions to support you in achieving production and efficiency targets.
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Cash registers

Reliability and innovation in every transaction for an accurate and hassle-free accounting experience.

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Heat-sealing appliances

Cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, we offer packaging solutions that combine maximum performance with ease of use.

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Conveyor belts and checking

Discover the ideal partner for efficient transport, every detail contributes to smooth and safe production.


Cutting-edge technology for a dosing process that meets the high standards of the modern industry.


Discover the benefits of our elevators, specially designed to maximise efficiency and optimise production flow.

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Automatic lines

Discover innovation in efficiency. Tehnostar transforms your production processes into automated and efficient experiences.

Mixers and blenders

Benefit from robust and efficient solutions, essential for the optimisation and success of your industrial production processes.

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Automatic machines

Discover our advanced automated packaging solutions, redefine efficiency and precision in your packaging processes.

Services for packaging products


We offer expert advice on packaging granular products, pastry, bakery, confectionery and irregularly shaped products.

Design and execution

Modular vertical automatic machines for packaging granular, powdery, liquid and viscous products, bakery products, herbs or expanded products.

Second hand machines

We broker the sale of used machinery and equipment. For further information please contact us by phone or using the contact form.

Discover technology in action

See how innovation and efficiency meet in our world. Watch the videos for an exciting insight into the performance of our advanced equipment.

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New products

Discover the latest innovations in our house. From automatic machines to state-of-the-art equipment, each product redefines the standards of efficiency in the packaging industry.

Conveyor belts and elevators
Conveyor belt 03
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Mixer-kneader 02
Mixer - mixer, forage
Mixers and blenders
Gavimetric granular products dosing machine
Machines for dosing at the kiosk
Semiautomatic machine for dosing to casseroles

About us: Quality and innovation in packaging and dispensing

With a professional team dedicated to design and research, Tehnostar is distinguished by the realization of 150 innovative projects of dosing and packaging machines. Our expertise includes significant know-how in the field of dosing and packaging, providing customised solutions for various industries.
Long experience
Professional team
Customised solutions
Value for money

Frequently asked questions

To order Tehnostar equipment, please visit our “Contact” section and fill in the available form or call us directly. Our dedicated team will guide you step by step to ensure you choose the right products for your unique requirements.

Yes, we are here to offer you personalised advice in choosing the right equipment. Our team of experienced specialists are on hand to understand your needs and guide you to the ideal solutions for your business.

Yes, all Tehnostar equipment comes with a 12-month warranty. We are dedicated to the quality and durability of our products and the warranty is our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Working with Tehnostar brings multiple benefits, including customised solutions, increased efficiency in packaging and dispensing processes and value for money. Our professional team and innovative products are key to the success of your business.

To keep up to date with the latest Tehnostar news and technologies, we recommend you to visit our “News” section on the official website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular information and updates directly in your inbox.

Revolutionize your processes with Tehnostar!

Discover efficiency and innovation in packaging and dispensing. Contact us now for customized solutions and transform your business!

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